Airflow One Source Understands Time is Money. Our Job is to Save You Both

Airflow One Source is a Florida based Family owned company specializing in Industrial & Environmental Services.

Owners, Shellee West & Gerald DuBois, have structured the company to be a One Source Solution for all Air pollution Control, Air/Water Filtration, Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Parts & Services.

Airflow One Source works closely with industry leaders EPA, OSHA, as well as other State and local Regulatory Agencies to help educate and guide our customers in making the best business decisions in how they deal with their Environmental & Industrial needs.

Working with the best in the industry, including Engineering Firms, Fabricators & Installers, Airflow One Source can help Design, Engineer, Build and Maintain a solution for your company while providing the best customer service in the industry.

Airflow One Source provides a unique approach to sourcing products and services with a focus on customer service, product and service quality and most importantly Honesty & Integrity.

Creating Safer, Cleaner and Regulations Compliant Worksites

The products we sell and the services we provide help our clients maintain safe, pollutant free work environments. This allows them to meet local, state and federally mandated compliance regulations while also providing their employees a reliably safe place to work.

Employee Protection

Protection for employees from the harmful effects environmental pollution is a key concern for employers. Maintaining a pollutant free workplace helps keep employees from becoming ill, missing time at work and impacting the bottom line. It also helps to increase employee satisfaction, stabilize continuity and attract better qualified candidates for open positions.

Regulations Compliant

Most of our clients operate their facilities while complying with various regulations specific to their industry and location. The products we sell allow these facilities to be compliant with health regulations as well air emission, particulate and odor regulations.

Environment Safe

Overall, the solutions we provide help safeguard indoor and outdoor environments from pollutants that occur during manufacturing processes. This allows our clients to lower their impact on the surrounding environment, a key concern for many ‘green conscious’ companies.


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