Air Quality Control for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Casinos

Creating and maintaining a clean air work environment is a key issue within the hotel and food services industry. At Airflow One Source, we’re dedicated to helping your company meet the most stringent environmental regulations while keeping your work site, and your employees, safe.

We do that by providing cost effective solutions that are designed, engineered and built specifically for the needs of your company. Our team focuses closely on developing good relationships so we can best understand your requirements. From there, we apply our years of knowledge and experience to deliver the most appropriate products and services for you.

Yes. Choosing the correct solution at the best price can be difficult. Our job is to assist you in making the right decision!


We Provide Pollution and Air Control Products for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Casinos

Aerators and degasifiers
Air and gas filters
Bin vents
BIOGAS oxidizers
Bio-oxidation odor control systems
Bio-trickling filters and biofilters
Bisected fans
Cartridge collectors
Cartridge filters
Catalytic DeOxy oxidizers
Chemical odor control scrubbers
Cleanroom systems
Complete mist elimination systems including DLM, CMC, MMC, LMC, FIV, TVF designs
Corrosion resistant butterfly valves
Corrosion resistant fiberglass (FRP) pumps
Corrosion resistant thermoplastic pumps
Custom fan systems
Custom/OEM and specialty filters
Direct fired thermal oxidizers
Drinking water filters
Dry particulate dust collecting systems
DUALLast® FRP construction
Duct, hoods and exhaust fans
Emergency gas scrubbers
Explosion proof fans
Full line of fiber bed filters including TWIN-PAK® and GRADED BED designs
Fume and gas wet scrubbers

Fume hood ventilation and exhaust systems
GIANT® high flow housings, cartridges and bags
Halogenated acid gas RTOs
HEPA filter systems
HEPA filters
High temperature fans
High temperature metallic pumps
High-efficiency/severe-service cyclones
High-pressure/high vacuum dust collectors
Laboratory exhaust systems
Liquid process filter cartridges
Mesh pad mist eliminators
Metal and plastic cartridge and bag housings
Mist eliminators and dry scrubbers
Multi-purpose, venturi and packed-bed scrubbers
NOx control systems
Oxidizers with scrubbers/quenchers
Plating and process tanks
Pulse jet dust collectors
Regenerative thermal and catalytic oxidizers
Reuperative thermal and catalytic oxidizers
Smoke exhaust fans
Tube and vane axial fans
Ventilation, recirculation and heat recovery systems
VOC concentrators
Welded modular pulse jet collectors
Wet particulate dust collectors
Wet scrubbers

We Can Source, Design, Engineer or Build any Solution You May Need

If the product you are searching for is not listed below, we can still source it for you. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything you may need. In addition to the listed parts and equipment, we offer a wide range of aftermarket parts, sales and service. You can contact us directly by calling 813-451-5397 or 813-297-2233.

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